Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adventures in Dutch Cuisine

I am taking my training to be a wife very, very seriously. Very. Seriously. When Martin was in Eugene, he made this traditional Dutch dish. It's basically potatoes mashed together with really finely chopped kale. It's usually served with sausages, but I actually just like it quite a bit by iteslf. It sounds simple, but it's actually really really tasty. I liked it so much that I tried to make it myself today.

Step 1: boil potatoes.
Step 2: chop kale and add to potatoes to boil
Step 3: mush together with butter and salt.
Step 4: Looks like I'll be eating lots of potatoes and kale this week...
Consume with lots of water. Potatoes can make your mouth so dry!


Martin said...

ghe, amazing, I'm still surprised that you like the most typical Dutch dish this much without the actual sausage! Was the chopping doable? Dutchmen usually buy it chopped from shop.

Oh, and your being-a-wife training plan is rather amusing. I'm really lucky ;) Wondering if a husband should practice anything ... Switching light bulbs and fetching things for you from the higher shelves doesn't require any actual practice!

Arthur said...

Err, Martin, You could start practicing putting the garbage bags at the street. Regularly. :P